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Chapter 3197 – The Seven Upper Province’s Heaven Territory label wiggly
At the same time, Zhang Yun Ting’s kid hurriedly delivered his Spatial Engagement ring out as he discovered that his father were removed by Huan’er. His eyeballs widened in disbelief as he saw his father’s Spirit Pearl, that had been stored in his Spatial Ring, had shattered.
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“No!” Involved in strikes from each side, Zhang Yun Ting failed to also have a chance to grind his Ident.i.ty Jade Expression or employ a Celestial Talisman to leave. Just like that, he was wiped out by Duan Ling Tian’s Cross-Dimensional Slash Profundity and Huan’er’s Yin Yang Nine Water Chestnut Ring.

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“A sheer Six Combos Celestial Queen destroyed Elder Yun Ting? It feels like that woman hid her durability when she removed Jun w.a.n.g Chen.” Zhang Dong Nan’s expression was unappealing. Zhang Yun Ting, his correct-hands man, were killed through the girl whom they believed was the Thousand Phantoms An ice pack Fox.
At this point, Zhang Yun Ting learned the white colored-clad girl getting two engagement rings before she loaded one along with one other and threw them out at him.
However, Zhang Yun Ting’s son hurriedly brought his Spatial Ring out when he found that his father were eradicated by Huan’er. His view increased in disbelief as he noticed his father’s Spirit Pearl, which has been held in his Spatial Engagement ring, possessed shattered.
From the Phantom Fox Clan within the Seven Uppr Province’s Heaven Territory.
He did not spend your time and made his technique to the Carrying Development inside the Phantom Fox Clan given that he could not cross the Riot Legend Ocean. On top of that, he would arrive in the The southern part of Heaven Territory before you know it in any respect if he applied a Taking Structure.
The Yin Yang Nine Drinking water Chestnut Diamond ring was the mixture of two Royal Standard Celestial Weaponry: the Magical Yang Nine Normal water Chestnut Band and also the Mystical Yin Nine Drinking water Chestnut Diamond ring. Their put together potential was almost much like an Emperor Class Celestial Tool.
Concurrently, soon after Duan Ling Tian cast the Go across-Dimensional Profundity, he quickly cast the Distortion Profundity too. The mixture of the two profundities out of the rules of s.p.a.ce was so potent that it really easily breached the protective shield that Zhang Yun Ting got hastily erected.
Currently, Zhang Yun Ting found out the bright white-clad women taking out a couple wedding rings before she piled one on top of another and threw them out at him.
“Elder Yun Ting and Elder Zhen Hai would be the strongest associates through the Phantom Fox Clan inside the uppr realm… Because she’s capable of killing Elder Yun Ting, I am worried Elder Zhen Hai isn’t a match on her as well…” Zhang Dong Nan’s frown deepened since he extended muttering to themselves. This matter was trickier than he had envisioned.
He furrowed his brows when he muttered to him or her self, “The Thousand Phantoms Ice cubes Fox may very well be inside the The southern part of Heaven Territory? What’s Zhang Dong Nan engaging in? What is the point of telling me regarding this topic if he’s not certain…”

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At the same time, Zhang Yun Ting’s child hurriedly moved his Spatial Band out as he learned that his father have been eradicated by Huan’er. His eyeballs increased in disbelief as he spotted his father’s Soul Pearl, which had been placed in his Spatial Band, possessed shattered.
Zhang Jin Yi was really a large and aloof gentleman dressed up in natural robes. He furrowed his brows slightly as he got an order from the Grand Elder on the Zhang Clan from the Phantom Fox Clan.
The Phantom Fox Clan was one of the greatest and quite a few potent forces during the Paradise Territory, that has been element of the Seven Top Region. Though there were no t.i.tled Celestial Emperors inside the clan, the clan experienced numerous everyday Celestial Emperors. They managed many Queen Standard Celestial Crystal blood vessels on top of that. The clan’s position during the Paradise Territory was similar to the condition with the Ten Major Clans and Top 5 Sects from the Southern Heaven Territory.
Immediately after Zhang Yun Ting died, Duan Ling Tian quickly teleported away to ensure Zhang Yun Ting’s factors would head over to Huan’er.

The Black-Sealed Letter
“Father!” he cried out in lose faith as he uncovered his father ended up being wiped out by Huan’er.
After having a dozens breaths, Zhang Yun Ting found the whitened-clad female appeared to do not have goal of with a Celestial Tool although he was preventing with his might. Furthermore, she failed to use any approach that will betray her ident.i.ty for a Thousand Phantoms An ice pack Fox or methods in the Phantom Fox Clan in any way.
Zhang Yun Ting’s phrase changed substantially. He believed the tone of voice belonged to Duan Ling Tian, but he failed to know when Duan Ling Tian possessed shown up behind him. Just as he was about to turn to take care of Duan Ling Tian, he found three spatial tears around him. He witnessed as three grey sword rays shrouded by golden flames photo from the spatial tears toward him.
The moment Zhang Yun Ting passed away, Duan Ling Tian quickly teleported away to ensure that Zhang Yun Ting’s details would visit Huan’er.

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